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EHEMU (2004-2007) (EU Grant agreement n 2003116)

EHEMU developed a comprehensive website ( with:

The EHEMU Information System (online calculations of health expectancies and HLY for the 25 MS)

Four page country reports documenting individual MS health and life expectancies over time and for different health

dimensions (perceived health, chronic morbidity and activity limitation) as well as a profile of the EU as a whole

Several scientific reports on health expectancy in Europe

Training material including a step-by-step calculation guide with accompanying software, a glossary of key

definitions and an Interpreting Guide aimed at non-technical audiences

Bibliographic tools

Site hosted by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm)
It is co-funded by 10 Member States and two french institutions (DREES and CNSA).
Site created by Cdric Hassen-Khodja.