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The main aim of EHLEIS is (i) to provide a central facility for the co-ordinated analysis and synthesis of life and health expectancies to add the quality dimension to the quantity of life lived by the European populations, (ii) provide evidence of inequalities between Member States (MS) and (iii) highlight potential targets for public health strategies both nationally and at a pan-European level.
Three previous projects have been conducted to promote the Structural Indicator HLY, based on the development of an Information System and research work to monitor health trends and gaps in Europe.
During the first phase (2004-2007) the EHEMU project developed several summary measures of population health (SMPH) indicating the quality of the remaining years that a person is expected to live (i.e. free of chronic disease, free of disability and in good perceived health).
In the second phase (2007-2010) the EHLEIS project began to systematically monitor health trends and gaps among the European countries and to identify their determinants through the survey instruments developed by EHEMU and included in the new pan-European survey SILC (European Statistics on Incomes and Living Conditions) and SHARE (Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe).
In the 3rd phase, the JA EHLEIS (2011-2014) aimed to (i) increase the utility of the SMPH through consolidation and further development of the EHLEIS Information System, (ii)the comparability with SMPH for the United States and Japan and (iii) the use by Member States in national policy-making..

The objectives of EHLEIS are to:

•  consolidate the existing information system;

•  continue developing in-depth research;

EHLEIS provides scientific support to Member States in general, health and non-health policy makers at national, European and OECD level, health professionals and researchers, media and the general public.

• Jean-Marie Robine, Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (France)

• Herman Van Oyen, Scientific Institute of Public Health (Belgium)

•  Bernard Jeune, University of Southern Denmark - Institute of Public Health, Epidemiology (Denmark)

•  Emmanuelle Cambois, Institut National d'Etudes Démographiques (France)

•  Carol Jagger, Newcastle University (United Kingdom)


•  Isabelle Beluche Epidemiologist & Statistician (Country Reports), Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (France)

•  Christine Perrier Secretary & webmaster, Ecole Pratique de Hautes Etudes (France)

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