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  • 2017

  • Presentations made during the last EHLEIS meeting in Brussels, 21 April 2017.(Agenda)

    • GALI and HLY, new results, new validations, new perspectives:

    Trends and variations in activity limitations in Europe
    by Jean Marie Robine

    Validations studies: an overview
    by Herman Van Oyen

    Impact of changing the wording of the GALI on the prevalence of activity limitation: the case of France
    by Emmanuelle Cambois

    New versions of the GALI proposed by Eurostat
    by Stefaan Demarest

    • Use of the GALI and the HLY by the European Commission and the Member States

    Introduction and overview
    by Petronille Bogaert

    GALI and HLY in the Czech Republic
    by Sarka Dankova

    Expected lifetime without and with mild and severe activity limitations at age 65 in Denmark, 2006-2013
    by Ingelise Andersen

    Healthy life expectancy, an indispensable indicator for public debate
    by Gerard Badeyan

    Life expectancy and healthy life-years in Estonia
    by Mare Ruuge

    Life expectancy and healthy life-years in Estonia
    by Mika Gissler

    Use of GALI and the HLY in Germany
    by Angela Fehr

    Healthy Life Years in Hungary - Briefly
    by Andras Weber

    Prevalence of GALI: does the choice of survey matter?
    by Wilma Nusselder

    Contribution of chronic conditions to smoking differences in LE, DFLE, and LED in Belgium, 2001-2004
    by Renata Yokota

    Use of the GALI and the HLY: case of Latvia
    by Juris Krumins

    Effect on life and health expectancy by closing an abridged life table at 90+ and through modification of the imputation method in the UK 2013-15
    by Asim Butt and Chris White

    Healthy life years - Slovenia
    by Tina Lesnik

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