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SAS and SPSS programs for calculating health expectancies

In addition to the Excel spreadsheet, SAS and SPSS programs are provided for calculating health expectancies. The programs contain the examples presented in the Calculation Guide. Both programs are provided in text form (Word document) so that they can also be viewed by users who do not have SAS or SPSS software. In order to use the program, select the text from the Word document and copy it into the command window of the corresponding software (Editor in SAS and Syntax in SPSS).

The input data needed for both programs are provided in the Excel files input_examples.xls. In the SAS and SPSS programs, you only need to change the name of the directory in which the input and output datasets are stored. After running the program, eight output datasets are produced: example1, example2, example3, example4A, example4B, example5, example6A and example6B. The extensions of these datasets are .sas7bdat for SAS and .sav for SPSS. The programs can also be used on other data, provided that the input data are supplied in the same format.

SAS program

SPSS program

input examples

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