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The use of the global activity limitation Indicator and healthy life years by member states and the European Commission
Bogaert P, Van Oyen H, Beluche I, Cambois E, Robine JM.
Archives of Public Health (2018) 76:30

Measuring disability: a systematic review of the validity and reliability of the Global Activity Limitations Indicator (GALI)
Van Oyen H, Bogaert P, Yokota R.T.C, Berger N.
AArchives of Public Health (2018) 76:25

Assessing the validity of the Global Activity Limitation Indicator in fourteen European countries
Berger N, Van Oyen H, Cambois E, Fouweather A, Jagger C, Nusselder W, Robine JM.
BMC Med Res Methodol 2015, 15(1):1

Comparison of socio-economic indicators explaining inequalities in Healthy Life Years at age 50 in Europe: 2005 and 2010
Fouweather T, Gillies C, Wohland P, Van Oyen H, Nusselder W, Robine JM, Cambois E, Jagger C.
The European Journal of Public Health. First published online: 15 April 2015

The global activity limitation indicator and self-rated health: two complementary predictors of mortality
Berger N, Van der Heyden J, Van Oyen H.
Arch Public Health 2015;73(1):25

Using mortality follow-up of surveys to estimate social inequalities in healthy life years
Charafeddine R, Berger N, Demarest S, Van Oyen H.
Population Health Metrics 2014, 12:13

The effect of smoking on the duration of life with and without disability.
Van Oyen H, Berger N, Nusselder W, Charafeddine R, Jagger C, Cambois E, Robine JM, Demarest S.
BMC Public Health 2014;14:723

Ranking health between countries.
Bnnum-Hansen H.
Scand J Public Health 2014;May;42(3):242-244

Les esprances de vie en bonne sant des Europens.
Robine JM and cambois E.
Population et Socits 2013 Avril;499:4p.

Healthy life expectancy in Europe.
Robine JM and cambois E.
Population et Socits 2013 Avril;499:4p.

Gender differences in mental health expectancies in early- and midlife in six European countries
Brugha TS, Matthews R, Alonso J, Vilagut G, Fouweather T, Bruffaerts R, de Girolamo G, de Graaf R, Haro JM, Kovess V, Jagger C.
Br J Psychiatry 2013;Apr;202(4):294-300

Mind the gapreaching the European target of a 2-year increase in healthy life years in the next decade
Jagger C, McKee M, Christensen K, Lagiewka K, Nusselder W, Van Oyen H, Cambois E, Jeune B, Robine J-M
European Journal of Public Health 2013;23:229-33.

The joint action on healthy life years (JA: EHLEIS)
Robine J-M, Cambois E, Nusselder W, Jeune B, Van Oyen H, Jagger C, the JA: EHLEIS team
Archives of Public Health 2013;71(2)

Gender differences in healthy life years within the EU : an exploration of the health-survival paradox
Van Oyen H, Nusselder W, Jagger C, Kolip P, Cambois E, Robine J-M.
International Journal of Public Health 2013;58:143-55

Inequalities in health expectancies at older ages in the European Union: findings from the Survey of Health and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)
Jagger C, Weston C, Cambois E, Van Oyen H, Nusselder W, Doblhammer G, et al.
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 2011;65(11):1030-35

Gender gaps in life expectancy and expected years with activity limitations at age 50 in the European Union: associations with macro-level structural indicators
Van Oyen H, Cox B, Jagger C, Cambois E, Nusselder W, Gilles C, et al.
European Journal of Ageing 2010;7(4):229-37

Gender differences in health of EU10 and EU15 populations: the double burden of EU10 men
Nusselder W, Looman N, Van Oyen H, Robine J-M, Jagger C
Eur J Ageing (Springer) 2010;7(4):219-27

The Global Activity Limitation Indicator (GALI) measured function and disability similarly across European countries
Jagger C, Gillies C, Cambois E, Van Oyen H, Nusselder W, Robine J-M and the EHLEIS team
Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2010;63: 892-899

The reliability of the Minimum European Health Module
Cox B, Van Oyen H, Cambois E, Jagger C, Le Roy S, Robine J-M, Romieu I
International Journal of Public Health 54 (2009) 1<96>6
DOI 10.1007/s00038-009-7104-y

Inequalities in healthy life years in the 25 countries of the European Union in 2005: a cross-national meta-regression analysis
Jagger C, Gillies C, Moscone F, Cambois E, Van Oyen H, Nusselder W, Robine J-M, EHLEIS Team
The Lancet. 2008;372(9656) 2124-2131
DOI 10.1016/S0140-6736(08)61594-9

Book Chapters

In: European Commission - Major and Chronic Diseases Report 2007, 2008.

Chapter 15: Life Expectancy with Chronic Morbidity.

Full report

In: European Commission - Healthy life years in the European Union: facts and figures 2005, 2008.

Chapter 3: Increasing healthy life expectancy and reducing longevity gaps
                   between European countries.

Chapter 4: Life Expectancy with Chronic Morbidity.
Full report

In: Eugloreh project - The Report on the Status of Health in the European Union: Towards a healthier Europe, 2008.

Chapter 4.1: Life expectancy and healthy life years.
Full report


The Joint Action EHLEIS(2011-2014) European Health and Life Expectancy Information System
Poster presented at the 23rd REVES meeting. Paris, May 25-27th, 2011.

A cross-European comparison of Healthy Life Years at early, mid and late adulthood
Poster presented at the 7th IAGG Congress. Bologna, April 14-17th, 2011.

European Health and Life Expectancy Information System (EHLEIS)
Poster presented at the 11th European Health Forum Gastein: "Values in health - from visions to reality". Salzburg, Austria, 2008.

Monitoring population disability: evaluation of a new Global Activity Limitation Indicator (GALI)
Van Oyen H., Van der Heyden J., Cox B., Perenboom R., Jagger C.
Poster presented at the conference LEurope de la sant au service des patients. Paris, Institut Pasteur, 13-14 Octobre 2008.
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